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Spring Hill Update February 2022 Posted on 17 Feb 2022

Galley Common

The CCG has thanked us on behalf of 180,000 patients across 26 North Warwickshire Practices for the use of our branch surgery Galley Common Medical Centre, to be used as a Covid hot hub.  Springhill Medical Centre are in the process of getting its Galley Common site back, once the removal of equipment and deep cleaning process has been completed. The CCG are grateful for the contribution of the practice during the Pandemic to assist with Patient safety across North Warwickshire. This was a non-profitable service.


Self-Diagnostic Area

Our Self-Diagnostic Area is available again for Patients to check their Blood Pressure and/or Weight, so if a nurse appointment isn’t available this is an option. Please note that the Self-Diagnostic area is only available for Patients needing to record Blood Pressure readings or weight measurement to their clinical notes and not just for personal reasons.  Face masks are still compulsory as the surgery is a Healthcare setting. Also, staff levels at the surgery are still being compromised due to staff members having to follow Isolation Guidelines. I would like to thank our Patients for their understanding and patience at the time and ensure you that all the team at Springhill are working their hardest to maintain all services on a daily basis for our Patients.


New Services/ Roles


Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical pharmacists are experts in medicines and how they are used in the treatment for specific disease areas. Their role is invaluable in helping our doctors and nurses to be able to spend more time with patients while they deal with the majority of medicine-related queries. 

Our clinical pharmacists deal with repeat prescriptions, reviews, common minor ailments, urgent medication requests and deal with medication for patients recently discharged from hospital. 

Our GPs may ask the clinical pharmacist to get in touch with you if you take lots of medications from time to time. This is to review your symptoms and check they’re still the best medications to be on. Where better, newer alternatives are available, they’ll discuss this with you and your GP.

We now have a team of 6 Clinical Pharmacists,  4 of our clinician Pharmacists can prescribe so they are able to issue a prescription if needed to a chemist of your choice. All 6 Clinical Pharmacists offer medication reviews to update your repeat medication and Annual reviews for COPD, Asthma and hypertension. These appointments can be pre-booked due to availability . This service will make GP appointments more readily available for long term/ Chronic illnesses.


First Contact Practitioner

First Contact Practitioner (FCP) is a new model evolving in the UK. It involves placing physiotherapists directly into GP practices and to treat patients who come into the clinic with musculoskeletal problems. This makes wait and recovery times shorter, frees up GP appointments, and reduces the need for medication. These appointment can also be pre-booked due to availability .


Social Prescriber

Social Prescribing is a non-medical approach to improve people’s overall health and wellbeing. Social Prescribers support individuals through a holistic, person-centred approach, to access services that are important for that individual. Such as community groups and statutory services which might be run by the council or a local charity, activities and advice services such as housing, financial hardship, isolation and loneliness, bereavement, substance misuse, employment, careers’ support and the management of their physical health.  

They connect people to community groups for practical and emotional support. For example, signposting people who have been diagnosed with dementia to local dementia support groups. Referrals to a Social Prescriber can be made without a GP appointment, please ask your Patient Admin team if you feel this service could be of use to you.


Mental Health Link Worker

The key role of a Primary mental Health Link Worker is to provide support, education and problem-solving for the primary health care team. This entails helping GPs with assessments and management of common mental health problems and acting as a signpost for patients to other services which may benefit them. Referrals for a Mental Health Link Worker can be made by any of our Clinician’s.



We will soon be offering care a co-coordinator service. This role will be supporting patients and their carers who already have a diagnosis of Dementia, also those who are newly diagnosed.

They will offer and signpost carers and patients to the Dementia wellbeing services that are available in their local areas. Be a point of contact for our patients if they have any concerns or queries with Dementia support .They will work closely with the Admiral Nurses and Dementia Frailty nurse practitioners and the Arden Memory Clinic. They are also working with the GPs at the surgery with Dementia reviews. They will build and maintain collaborative links with other agencies outside of the NHS that can offer support. We are hoping to be offering this service from April 2022 and these appointments can also be pre-booked due to availability.


Well-Being Champion

Another role soon to be available from Springhill Medical Centre is a Well-Being Champion. Wellbeing Champions act as “go to“ for  individuals that can respond well to those in need of a “listening ear.” They can provide general wellbeing support, financial advice, social support and signpost the wellbeing support available. Once again, these appointments will be pre-bookable due to availability.


Promotion of Sign-posting.

With all of these new services/ roles I would like to advise of the importance of sign-posting. Our Patient Admin Team are trained to sign-post all Patients to the correct care provider. They can only do this by asking Patients their reason for booking an appointment. We understand that some issues can be personal and patients do not wish to disclose but the more appointments that we can sign post correctly will increase GP availability to Patients that require a GP appointment. We have seen an increase in being able to sign post our Patients which we are very grateful for but we do feel we could make this even better for our patients with their assistance.


Surgery Connect

Our new phone system Surgery Connect is still working well. Monthly reports confirm shorter waiting times for patients, regular use of the queue buster again to reduce waiting times and less failed calls or lines dropping out. As the system is cloud based there isn’t a limit on lines into the surgery so Patients’ no longer get an engaged tone.


Vaccination Programme

We are still actively taking part The National Vaccination Programme; Patients can still get their Vaccinations/Boosters at Atherstone Surgery by booking on the National Booking System.

Please use this link. .



Once again thank you to all of our Patients for their support.


Local Services, Let D B Devall Funeral Directors Ltd Jelly Beans Nurture Nursery
Local Services, Let D B Devall Funeral Directors Ltd Jelly Beans Nurture Nursery